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Not knowing the biblical answer to that question is why many churches do not sanction divine healing in their mission.

The 20 minute audio message below reveals the biblical nature of human flesh, including that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It answers why Divine healing is for the ages, not something relegated to a few lines in the Bible.
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Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word Ministry

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New Video and Comments

If you have not watched the new video, you can do so now by clicking on By Whose Authority

Video Comments From Viewers:

“I am astounded! And this is here in the nation that was founded on Christian principles! We are the mission field these days, aren’t we?”

“It was very interesting, shocking, disappointing and left me licking my chops for more.”

“I watched the video… very nice!! I like the format and message. I have added a link to this video from my Prayer Room.”

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Jim Lynn

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