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If you were Satan and your goal is to destroy as many lives as you could, what are the two institutions you could attack that would destroy more lives than wars and natural disasters combined?

Phase One: Medicine

If I were Satan, I would capture the medical industry and make it mine. For what other of man’s institutions could potentially inflict more harm?

I would infiltrate medical colleges and teach students to treat disease symptoms, rather then teach them how to heal the sick.

I would teach medical students that chronic disease is the result of natural manifestation, and disclaim any correlation between disease and one’s spiritual state of being.

I would create chemical drugs with lethal side effects, and tell medical students they must use only my drugs to treat their patients disease symptoms. I would tell students that natural substances can be harmful to the body and should not be used or trusted for treatment of the sick.

I would find greedy men who could care less about the well-being of people, and set up a drug enterprise designed to keep sick people sick. I would advertise my drugs on TV so people will ask their doctors to prescribe them.

I would take natural body conditions like pregnancy, acid reflux, hormonal imbalance, sinus infections, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes and make them a disease. That way, I could find more uses for my drugs.

I would be clever when using medical terms, so people will begin to believe their body cannot be trusted. I would use terms like, heart attack, spastic colon, and kidney failure.

Next I would mislead patients into believing they have a disease discovered through diagnosis; when in truth all they received is a specific diagnosis with a name. This will make it sound like the doctor has found a disease, and people can be “diagnosed” just in time to take a new drug of mine for the rest of their life.

Next I would use man’s government to protect my medical interests and drug industry. I would set up a Food and Drug Administration, and use it to deny citizens any form of real healing. I would use this FDA to my advantage by making it unlawful for anyone to make health claims without scientific proof. Of course, I would also control the researchers, and medical doctors who publish results of research, so results are kept in my favor.

I would refuse my agents to investigate any claims that suggest a correlation between vaccines and disease and death rates.

Phase Two: Church

If I were Satan, I would fill pulpits in churches with pastors who teach that God no longer heals the sick like people read about in the Bible. I would have these pastors teach that healing must be instantaneous to be called a miracle.

I would disguise the original meanings of the words “heal,” and “save” recorded in the Bible, so their full, true meaning and application is not understood.

I would put fear of persecution and public ridicule in the hearts of church leaders were they to teach that God actively intervenes in this physical world.

In this way I can deny God’s glory of healing by those who bear the mark of His Spirit and wear the name of His Son.

Over time, there will be very little knowledgeable and effective spiritual resistance to my induced sicknesses and disease. People will come to put more faith in medical knowledge than in the God of knowledge.

In this way, I can kill many millions of people because most people are raised up to respect the word and advise of medical doctors and preachers.

If I were Satan and wanted to destroy as many lives as I could, this is what I would do and how I would do it.

Jim Lynn is the author of The Miracle of Healing Your Church Today.

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Greetings in Christ,

As a people, Christians are sorry lot to look upon. The Bible plainly teaches that physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is available through Jesus Christ. And yet, when you survey most Christian congregations, the number of “saints” with chronic illness, is about the same as those chronically ill outside of the Body of Christ. Is it any wonder most church pews are empty come Sunday morning?

Truth is, Christians today are caught in a kind of vise that squeezes and tests their faith. One side of the vise is God’s Holy Word, from which our faith is derived. The other side of the vise is Church Doctrine, which in most cases teaches adherents that God has ended divine healing in the Church.

So it should come as no surprise that millions of people of faith abandon their faith in God to heal, and leave the Church altogether. Also, it is no surprise that Church leaders urge those in their flock who are sick to consult with a secular physician, without a thought of directing them to God first.

As the author of God’s healing Word, it has become my passion to put God back into healing, and healing back into the Church. I hope you will join me.

You may have been hurt spiritually by you Church. You may wish to work to educate leaders in your church on what the Bible teaches about physical healing. Or you may just want to fellowship with others whose faith in God to heal is strong. Whatever the case, welcome to this public message forum.

Feel free to post a new message, or post a reply to an existing message.

Many blessings,


God’s Healing Word

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One of the problems modern readers have in understanding events as the Bible relates them is the Bible’s tendency toward brevity. For instance, there is an episode found in Numbers 16: 46-50 where Aaron stops the advance of a plague with incense. But the account is so briefly stated, it leaves readers wondering. It states:

“Then Moses said to Aaron, “Take your senser and put
incense in it, along with fire from the alter, and
hurry to the assembly to make atonement for them.
Wrath has come out from the Lord; the plague has
So Aaron did as Moses said, and ran into the midst
of the assembly to make atonement for them. The
plague had already started among the people, but
Aaron offered the incense and made atonement for

He stood between the living and the dead, and the
plague stopped.

But 14,700 people died from the plague, in addition
to those who had died because of Korah.

Then Aaron returned to Moses at the entrance to
the Tent of Meeting, for the plague had stopped.”
– Numbers 16:46-50 (NIV)

Whenever I ask students in my classes how much real time do they suppose transpired between verse 46 and 50, the usual response is 30 minutes to an hour…A short time.

But what if the time had actually been much longer, say over a period of a week or several weeks? How would that change our understanding of the event. How would that change our understanding of what it was exactly that Aaron was doing during this time?

To understand why a much longer period of time was probable, we need to digress and look at an unrelated event recorded in Acts 12:21-23. The writer of Acts (most likely Luke) states that an angel of the Lord “immediately” struck Herod down, “and he (Herod) was eaten by worms and died.”

I had always envisioned Herod’s death as being somewhat immediate, but this wasn’t so. It wasn’t until I read the same account in a secular historical text written by Josephus, the first century historian, that I learned Herod’s death actually took five days (See Antiquity of the Jews, XIX, Ch. 8, Para 2).

Does Josephus’s account negate Luke’s account? Not in the least. Luke was more interested in why Herod was struck down, rather than in how long it took for him to die. Josephus was more interested in Herod’s suffering…He suffered horribly during those five days, by the way. Now go back to the plague account found in Numbers 16.

While God may have allowed the plague to begin, the disease itself was not supernatural, but natural. There is nothing to indicate otherwise, and this is important. Bible scholars interpreting scripture follow what is called the rule of language. The rule dictates that names, events, and places must always be considered as being literal, unless they cannot possibly be, in which case they are interpreted as being figurative.

Because 14,700 people died and Aaron intervened, we can reasonably assume two things. One that the plague was very real. And two, that fumigation played a major role in stopping it…All very realistic and certainly within the realm of being possible. The problem for us in understanding what exactly happened lies with the brevity of the account.

A transliteration from the Hebrew text of the latter part of verse 47 helps us to understand what exactly happened more clearly. it reads:

“He (Aaron) went into the midst of the people and
distributed (or applied, or brought forth) incense.”

The word “incense” used here “qetoreth,” pronounced “ket-o-reth,” literally means fumigation.

An exegesis of the words “stood between” in verse 48 tells us that Aaron was employed to remain (to dwell) with the people. Based on verses 47 and 48, we can reasonably assume Aaron literally went forth from family to family burning incense, fumigating each person and tent as he went.

Because we can reason that the plague was real and that there were over two million people involved (only men were counted…Numbers 1:44-46), it would had have taken quite some time for Aaron to physically complete his assignment by Moses. Such a large number of people would have required several days or even weeks to fumigate, and would have required a large amount of incense to be on hand.

Biblical and Talmudic formulas for this particular incense included three varieties of cinnamon, all of which are known today for their anti-infectious, anti-bacterial qualities. Other ingredients included a myrrh-related spice known for its anti-viral and infectious qualities (Exodus 30:34ff).

The smoke (the substance) of this Holy incense would have filled the air in and around the camp, and be inhaled by both the sick and the healthy. 14,700 people were killed before the plague was stopped, but it worked. It would be several thousand more years before modern man discovers the healing power of inhaling these same natural substances.

Today we know by inhaling these substances through diffusion they go first to glands located next to the brain, then to the lungs. From there these living substances enter the blood stream killing life-threatening pathogens wherever they are encountered on contact.

Today these substances are typically distilled from plants and come to us in the form of essential oils. Properly produced, essential oils are the most potent healing substances known to modern science. Not even man-made drugs can surpass their anti-infectious, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic qualities.

Whereas man-made drugs are toxic and often times lethal, killing thousands every year, essential oils are harmless, having few contraindications. They have been with man since the beginning, and continue to serve man today.

Maybe this is why the Aposlte James wrote:

“Is any one of you sick? He should call upon the elders of the
church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name
of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick
person well…”
– James 5:14-15

The more one studies the Bible, the more one comes away with the knowledge that God has provided for our well-being in all things, including our body.

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Many Christians familiar with essential oils (known also as healing oils) know they were used to anoint both the Tent of Meeting in Old Testament Scripture (Exodus 30:22-ff), and Jesus Christ (John 12:1-8). However, few Christians are aware of the implications of those two events as they relate to:

1. James’ exhortation to anoint the sick with oil (James 5:14).
2. The role of essential oils in the healing ministry today.

The Christian Church is the Body of Christ (Ephesians 5:29-30). Individual Christians within the Church are physical members of Christ’s Body (I Corinthians 6:15).

Historically, the Tent of Meeting of the Old Testament served as a type, a pattern or as a shadow of the real Church to come (Hebrews 10:1). So when God gave instructions to anoint the Tent of Meeting with essential oil, He was in effect giving instruction to anoint the Body of Christ.

When Mary anointed Jesus years later, she physically anointed the real thing, what Old Testament priests could only symbolically anoint: The forerunner of Christ’s Body.

Under Old Testament law, no layperson could touch the oil used for anointing the Tent of Meeting, for it was sacred. Yet here is Mary, a layperson, anointing Jesus with a whole jar of precious oil and wiping His oil soaked feet with her hair. It was Mary’s way of honoring or blessing Jesus for raising her dead brother from the grave. However, in God’s eye’s, there is much more to Mary’s act than what many Christians realize (John 12:7).

What Mary did she did for herself, but God used the occasion to enjoin (bless) man’s flesh with the flesh of His own Son: Something that had not happened previously. Mary’s anointing of Jesus bonds all of humanity to the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ paid for our physical and spiritual healing (Isaiah 53:4-5).

God stipulated healing oils be used in the Tent of Meeting because they are ordained (Exodus 30:25) to be the natural counterpoint of Christ’s divine healing ministry (Acts 10:38).

Israel (Jacob) called essential oils as some of the “best products of the land” (Genesis 43:11). And rightfully so. For they were valued for their natural healing qualities.

When Jesus, centuries later, received Mary’s anointing of healing oil, He confirmed the sacred healing role essential oils hold for us today (John 12:7). This is why Essential oils are the ordained (blessed) physical counterpart of Christ’s healing Body.

Whether people accept or reject the above account and their meaning is unimportant to this report. What is important is for people who use essential oils to understand why they were acknowledged in Holy Scripture, and set apart for use in the Disciples ministry of healing the sick (Mark 6:13; James 5:14).

God blessed essential oils and their use for healing, because these plant oils spiritually and physically bond mortal, corruptible human flesh to incorruptible, divine, eternal flesh in Jesus Christ. Essential oils serve as a reminder that it is God who is our Healer (Exodus 15:26).

Remember this truth and share it the next time you anoint a loved one with oils. People need to hear this story for edification, and to understand why it is anointing with essential oil is blessed of God for healing.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment.

– – –

Jim Lynn is author of “The Miracle of Healing In Your Church Today,”
Trafford Publishing, ISBN 1-55369-206-3, Available in paper back at: http://www.trafford.com
Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com,
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com
or as an ebook from God’s Healing Word Ministry

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I want to tell you about a great mystery that has perplexed Christians of this generation. This mystery has stirred fear and created unrest within the Church. What mystery am I speaking of? It is the mystery of the power of faith to heal the sick.

The mystery of the power of faith to heal the sick is not ours alone. For despite given the power and authority to drive out demons and heal the sick, the twelve disciples, themselves, struggled to administer that power and authority to the sick

In other words, the twelve handpicked men of Christ struggled with the issue of faith to heal the sick just as we do today!

Let’s review some known facts:

We know Jesus sent His disciples out, two by two, to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. But before doing so, He gave them each a huge stick to carry. That huge stick is God’s authority and power (Matthew 10:1).

Armed with this big stick, the disciples were able to drive out demons and heal the sick of every known disease. Without the stick, these ordinary men were powerless.

But as we shall soon learn, just because these twelve were given God’s power and authority to heal didn’t mean they would always be successful. That’s because Jesus required the twelve to possess one thing more, which only they themselves could supply.

What was that one thing you ask? Faith!

In spite of having God’s power and authority to heal the sick, the disciples were powerless without their personal belief and faith that God would do as they asked of Him.

Mark 6:13 tells us when the disciples went out, they drove out many demons and healed the sick (Mark 6:13). Praise God! Imagine their joy and and the great enthusiasm which must have followed. They must have had many great stories to tell as a result.

But wait:

On at least on one occasion, things didn’t go so well. Not everyone was healed. The disciples had tried unsuccessfully to drive a lunatic demon from a boy
(Matthew 17:16).

When the boy’s father related this information to Jesus, he replied, “O faithless and perverse generation…How long shall I put up with you?” (Matthew 17:17) Obviously, Jesus statement was not intended to be directed directly toward the disciples, although it most certainly included them.

When the disciples later came to Jesus in private to ask Him why they couldn’t heal the boy, He answered them by saying, “because you have so little faith”
(Matthew 17:19-20).

That’s the mystery, the great mystery called faith, which the world fears yet today and has created division and strife within the Church.

Faith is the keystone that empowers God’s authority and power to heal the sick. How much faith? Jesus said with just a little faith nothing will be impossible for you (Matthew 17:20-21).

Many years later, the Apostle James would admonish Church elders to pray over their sick in faith, and to anoint the sick with oil for healing (James 5:14-16). James had obviously learned the lesson of faith well from his own failure while in training with Jesus years before. For he was with Jesus the day the father of the lunatic boy approached Jesus.

Faith in God’s promise to heal is what separates men of faith in God, from carnal men who cower in fear or disbelief. This kind of faith is not intellectual or born of doctrine. It is a soul searching conviction (born of God’s Word) which touches the very heart of God.

Church elders today, who dismiss James 5:14ff, of course do not practice James’ admonition. To make themselves feel comfortable about their dismissal (and to be accepted by the world) they have Church doctrines which effectively puts God out of the healing business, and healing out of the Body of Christ (The Church).

The real question we should be asking ourselves is not whether God heals. The real question should be are we willing to believe and put our faith in God’s promise to exercise His power and authority on our behalf?

That’s a big question because faith to heal places God squarely into our midst, not far off in some unseen world. It puts Him right into our lives and world, much like our mother, father and children are part of our lives.

I have to tell you, many Christians are not comfortable with that thought. They fear God. They are more comfortable with a God that is somewhere over there, not here.

You see, faith for many Christians consists of believing in Jesus Christ as their Savior. That’s good, but think about it. Faith to save one’s soul is a far cry from faith that falls upon Jesus Christ for healing.

The former is benign and requires little beyond intellectual acceptance, kinda like acceptance that the earth spins one revolution every 24 hours on its axis. People accept the earth spins and go on with their lives. No biggy. We regulate our lives by this spinning, and that’s about it. Likewise, many people willingly conform their lives as Christians to live a moral existence with a hope for the resurrection. They count themselves faithful if they attend Church regularly. That’s the extent of faith for most Christians. Unless they are forced to renounce their faith or be killed, there is little to challenge their faith.

The latter, however, goes much farther. It actively calls upon God’s power and authority with unwavering certainty to restore the human body to wholeness free of disease. That’s not something the world likes or accepts.

The implications of this kind of faith goes far beyond intellectual faith and being faithful to attend Church. This kind of faith stands squarely against the world and medical tests that says a person has cancer and has two months to live. It defies Church doctrine which does not believe in divine healing. It falls with conviction and certainty upon an unseen all powerful God that He will fulfill His Word to us. That, friends, is the kind of faith Jesus had in mind when he lamented, “O faithless and perverse generation.”

One of America’s Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, had a saying concerning America’s role in the world. He said America should walk softly and carry a big stick. Of course, that big stick was America’s military might.

As Christians, we are to walk softly and also carry a big stick, the big stick of faith that believes God’s Word. That many Christians have entrusted the world to the care of their bodies at the expense of forsaking God’s power and authority to heal speaks volumes about the size of the stick they carry.

Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word

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“Why? Why did God do this?”

That question is often heard from victims of natural disasters, and is frequently echoed across televsion and radio.

“Why God did you do this,” they ask.

Notice the assumption? It is God! God is assumed to be the cause of death and destruction. Even Insurance companies refer to natural disasters as an “Act of God.”

But is it true? Are natural disasters really an act of God, or is there another side of the story not being told?

The Bible reveals God as our creator, our Savior, our Healer, our Protector, our Redeemer. Why then do so many think of God as our destroyer? How can God be all good things, and then act just the opposite? The answer is He cannot! We can, but God cannot.

God’s nature, His being, is incapable of destruction, sin and evil. Let me state that another way: It’s not that God chooses not to commit sin and evil acts, but rather He cannot. He and He alone is Holy.

God is all that is good, all that is Holy, all that is righteous. Whatever God may do, it is all for the His most beloved creation: Man!

Destruction, misery, disease, suffering and death are not of God, they are all of Satan. God works to counteract the works of Satan.

In John 9 we read:

As He went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, ” but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.

Some people take from this verse that evil is not always the culprit of misery and destruction. If so, they should ask themselves: If not Satan, if not God, who or what?

In answering the question for the reason of the man’s blindness, Jesus reveals God’s nature: To restore what evil destroys. The works of God are all things good, all things pure and holy.

The Curse:

Romans 8:18-24 reveals the whole of creation became subject to evil and its effects as the result of man sinning (See Genesis 3:11-19).

The whole world is a planet in rebellion. Every time we feel pain from a thistle, suffer from disease, or witness disaster’s like the Christmas tsunami of 2004 that killed over 200,000 people, the world is reminding us: “You started it, it’s your fault!”

Sin and evil is the source, the reason for natural disasters and death in the world, not God.

So the next time time you hear someone blame God for misery and death, stand up for what you know and believe. Tell them, “No, God didn’t do this, Satan did. Satan is the father of lies and the source of all human suffering.”

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Is your town like mine? Pharmacy chain stores like Walgreen’s are springing up everywhere, and doing so like there is no tomorrow. The demand for one drug niche market, the prescription drug addiction market, is especially booming and unrelenting.

Consumers are asking their doctors for prescriptions to drugs they have seen advertised on television and in magazines, and more often than not the doctors oblige them. People just can’t seem to get enough of these magic pills. (1)

What has happened to our culture that turns otherwise sane, drug-free consumers into willing, life-long prescription drug addicts? We are being seduced and here’s how:

A cute, animated ball is shown in a TV commercial, sadly bouncing around until taking a “feel better” magic pill. Presto chango; in the blink of the eye the once sad ball is now happy and joyful. So goes the storyline used to sell American consumers on a powerful antidepressant drug called Zoloft. The message? Life is better with Zoloft.

Another commercial shows an older woman working in her flowerbed. The scene shifts to an elderly man building sand castles with his grandson on the beach, then shifts again to another older man playing soccer with a young boy. As these themes are playing, the words “For Everyday Victories” fades in and out on the screen. Then a voice is heard, “Imagine planning your day around your life instead of your osteoarthritis pain. Vioxx can provide 24-hour relief of osteoarthritis pain to help you enjoy everyday things again.” The ad leaves viewers with a sense of relief.

Welcome to the fallacious prescription drug addiction game of the pharmacy world. The pharmaceutical cartel wants life-long customers, and this is how they get them. Television and magazine ads are used to seduce consumers by creating the illusion that drugs are safe and make us feel better. (2)

The drug industry knows consumers do not want to be physically addicted to drugs. But they also know if consumers believe a pill can make them feel better, without physical addiction; they can make new customers for life. Clever, huh?

Make no mistake. Some drugs are physically addictive, but the drug cartel also knows drug ads pre-condition addiction (need) by making consumers believe living with pills makes their life better. In other words the addiction is mental, not physical. So what’s wrong with this picture?

Playing Russian Roulette With Pharmacy Pills:


Playing this prescription drug game carries sudden and severe consequences. The millions of people who are seduced into playing it pay with their lives. This is literally Russian roulette played with pills, and your corner pharmacy knows it! In the case of the Zoloft users, the risk of committing suicide and violence is increased fourfold.

Remember the twelve year-old boy, Christopher Pittman, who killed his grand parents with a shotgun? Three weeks before the killing, the lad was put on Zoloft. Two days before the slayings, doctors doubled the drug’s dosage. Joe Pittman, the boy’s father, believes his son killed because the drug clouded his sense of right and wrong. A clinical psychologist assigned to the case believes the same.

Since the Vioxx ad first appeared on television, about 20 million people in the United States started using Vioxx. The advertising campaign was a great success. People went to their doctors asking for a Vioxx prescription, and 70% of the time doctors obliged them. (3) But something terrible happened few people know about.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as many as 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths resulted from people prescribed Vioxx by their doctors. On September 30, 2004, Merck, the maker of Vioxx, recalled Vioxx from the market, and the Vioxx television ads disappeared.

Prescription Drug Addiction is a Scam:


Drug ads, like those above and dozens more like them, are appearing more and more on television. These ads are designed to seduce for one reason. The pharmaceutical apparatus, the medical system and pharmacy world that promotes drug usage is a scam, a hoax: A multi-trillion dollar International fraud that preys on ignorance and trusting nature of human beings. Why else would they hide behind lies and government sanctioned laws designed to protect their industry? The entire drug industry is fraudulent.

Matthias Rath, MD, founder of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, stated, “The pharmaceutical industry offers “health” to millions of patients – but does not deliver the goods. Instead it delivers products that merely alleviate symptoms while promoting the underlying disease as a precondition for its future business. To cover the fraud, this industry spends twice the amount of money in covering it up than it spends on research on future therapies.” (4)

Pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy trade, especially, know people would never buy their product if the truth were widely known. Long-term usage of any prescription or over-the-counter drug is always dangerous to ones health and is oftentimes lethal.

Prescription drug addiction (long-term use of drugs) kills 100,000 Americans each year and injures or maims another two million, according to the American Medical Association (AMA). This AMA figure does not include some 40,000 deaths each year caused by over-the-counter pain medications.

What’s Happening Here?

Let’s begin with a simple, truthful premise. Good medicine heals and never harms. Bad medicine never heals, and can only cause harm and death. Isn’t this just common sense? It should be!

Look at it this way. If prescription drugs are suppose to be good for people, where are all the healthy drug consumers? Do you know of anyone taking drugs long-term say they are feeling healthy? To compare: Ask the healthiest people you know if they take drugs. They’ll stare back at you as if to say, “What do you mean? I don’t do drugs of any kind!”

Statistically speaking, there is no such thing as a “safe” drug. (5) All drugs carry the risk of harmful side effects, including damage to vital organs and death. The risk increases exponentially with long-term usage. Your life is worth much more then the risk of injury or death from chemical drugs. There are much safer and better answers to health issues than long-term use of drugs (prescription drug addiction).


Note: The short-term (temporary) use of drugs during medical emergencies is certainly legitimate and is an altogether different issue. In a medical emergency, patients and administered drugs are carefully monitored every moment. In this environment drugs can save lives. Albeit, all drugs remain dangerous which is why they should not be taken long-term.

Exploiting Human Nature:


Television ads like the Zoloft and Vioxx ads are purposely designed to seduce and tempt us for a reason. The pharmaceutical cartel knows our human nature is tempted to take the easy way out of conflict. For example: It’s an easier choice to live on Prilosec to manage stomach ulcers than it is to make healthy life-style and diet changes that would heal ulcers. It’s easier to pop a pill to sleep all night than it is to make changes in our life that would allow us to fall sleep naturally without a pill.

Truth is; it is much wiser to “just say no” to drugs, and instead make diet changes and exercise to stay healthy and physically fit. Diet and exercise can not only prevent, but also literally reverse disease like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, clinical depression, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and many others.

The smart thing to do would be to tell the pharmaceutical cartel to go to Hell, but, hey, they are already there: And that raises still another issue. There is a huge spiritual consideration toward prescription drug addiction many Christians do not see or understand.

Drugs Versus God:


The modern English word, pharmacy, is derived from the ancient Greek word “pharmakeia,” pronounced “far-mak-i’-ah.” The root word of pharmakeia is pharmakeus, which means: “a drug, spell-giving potion, druggist, poisoner, a magician or sorcerer.” (6) The word “pharmakeia” transliterated means “medicine from a pharmacy.” (7)

There are three verses of Scripture in the Bible’s New Testament that condemns “medicine from a pharmacy.” They are Galatians 5:20: Revelations 9:21 and Revelations 18:23. However, before you go pick up your Bible, realize whatever translation you read is just that, a translation from an ancient text. You will not find the original word “pharmakeia” or “medicine from a pharmacy” in those verses. What you will find are the words “witchcraft, magic spell and sorcery.”

In choosing the words witchcraft, magic spell, and sorcery over the more accurately defined meaning for pharmakeia, “pharmacy,” modern day Bible translators (either by an oversight or design) effectively obliterated any spiritual connection to taking medicine from a pharmacy. Now who do you suppose benefits the most from this tidbit of information?

Why God Condemns Medicine From a Pharmacy:


Pharmakeia is listed as a work of the flesh in Scripture (Galatians 5:20), because those who turn to drugs as a way of life (and those who encourage their use) place dependency on a false reality (an illusion) instead of in God’s provision. Pharmakeia is an insidious scheme, one that keeps millions of people from knowing the power of natural healing afforded to them by God’s creation.



The price human beings have paid and continue to pay for prescription and over-the-counter drugs is staggering. Education and common sense is the best defense against this unholy onslaught on humanity.

The pharmaceutical cartel thrives by seducing people to ask their doctors to prescribe them dangerous drugs for the rest of their lives, then hides and denies any responsibility.

Our body was created with the natural ability to maintain life-long health, given half the chance to do so. It is human nature to avoid healthy life-style changes that can bring our body back into a natural balance of health and well-being. Drugs are not the easy answer.

For every medically named disease, there is a safe, natural remedy available. It is our responsibility to seek out that remedy, and live a life-style that promotes healthy living.

Jim Lynn is the publisher of God’s Healing Word and health-e-wise free newsletter.



1. The numbers are staggering: in 2003, an estimated 3.4 billion prescriptions were filled in retail drugstores and by mail order in the United States. That averages out to 11.7 prescriptions filled for each of the 290 million people in this country. Ukens C. How mail order pharmacy gained in market share in 2003. Drug Topics Mar 22, 2004; 148.

2. The industry spends well in excess of $21 billion a year to promote drugs using advertising and promotional tricks that push at or through the envelope of being false and misleading. This industry has been extremely successful in distorting, in a profitable but dangerous way, the rational processes for approving and prescribing drugs. Two studies of the accuracy of ads for prescription drugs widely circulated to doctors both concluded that a substantial proportion of these ads contained information that was false or misleading and violated FDA laws and regulations concerning advertising.

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3. “Various studies show that between 70 to 90 percent of the time when a patient comes in to the doctor and asks for a specific drug that he saw on a commercial or in an advertisement, he walks out with a prescription for that very drug.” Quote from Dr. Ray Strand, Author of Death By Prescription.

4. Dr. Rath Lays Charge of Genocide on Pharmavia ICC at The Hague. http://www.healingcelebrations.com/hague.htm

5. “Once the FDA approves the medication or a drug for use by the general public, they know less than half of the serious adverse drug reactions when that drug is released.” Quote from Dr. Ray Strand, Author of Death By Prescription.

6. Strong’s Concordance of the Bible: pharmakeus, Strong’s #5332; pharmakeia, Strong’s #5331

7. Vines Dictionary of the New testament

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