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February 7, 2004: Traci Johnson committed suicide while enrolled in clinical trials of Eli Lilly’s Cymbalta. She hanged herself from a shower in the Eli Lilly facility where the tests were being conducted. Cymbalta is the new “wonder drug” designed by Eli Lilly to restore their flagging sales since Prozac ran out of patent. Traci Johnson was not depressed prior to taking the drug. She was a normal happy girl who enrolled in the clinical trial as a healthy volunteer in order to earn money to pay for her college tuition. Anyone with any signs of depression was barred from the trials. Traci’s death, and the death of four other people at the trial, were completely absent from the official records. The FDA backed this decision by Eli Lilly saying that the deaths were a confidential part of the trial. The FDA states that the deaths of people in drug trials COUNT AS A COMMERCIAL SECRET IN THE WORLD OF PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES.

Commercial secret? Yeah, I guess. They keep the bones hide in their closet to keep the public trust. I don’t know about you, but where I come from that’s called a cover-up and it smells to high heaven.

What about the thousands of people who have committed suicide, and killed others after taking SSRI and other antidepressant drugs their doctors said were safe?

To read more Horror Stories visit Antidepressant Drug Horrors. on our ministry website. The people you see there are normal people. The only mistake they made was trusting their doctors when they were prescribed these killer drugs. When will the the Christian Church WAKE UP to the fact that taking prescription drugs is like playing Russian Roulette. The FDA and drug companies say prescription drug benefits outweigh the risks. That means they want YOU to accept death as an acceptable risk.

From a Christian perspective, any drug which can kill is not worth risking. We were freed from that prison long time ago by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our bodies are sacred in the sight of God and belong to Him. He is our Healer.

While this ministry is not against medicines that heal, we are opposed to any medicine that kills in the name of healing. Prescription drugs, like antidepressants, come from pharmacies which God’s Word condemns. The word for witchcraft or sorcery as used in Galatians 5:19 means “medicine from a pharmacy.” See our Blog article, America’s Great Pharmacy Seduction.

Jim Lynn

God’s Healing Word


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I want to tell you about a great mystery that has perplexed Christians of this generation. This mystery has stirred fear and created unrest within the Church. What mystery am I speaking of? It is the mystery of the power of faith to heal the sick.

The mystery of the power of faith to heal the sick is not ours alone. For despite given the power and authority to drive out demons and heal the sick, the twelve disciples, themselves, struggled to administer that power and authority to the sick

In other words, the twelve handpicked men of Christ struggled with the issue of faith to heal the sick just as we do today!

Let’s review some known facts:

We know Jesus sent His disciples out, two by two, to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. But before doing so, He gave them each a huge stick to carry. That huge stick is God’s authority and power (Matthew 10:1).

Armed with this big stick, the disciples were able to drive out demons and heal the sick of every known disease. Without the stick, these ordinary men were powerless.

But as we shall soon learn, just because these twelve were given God’s power and authority to heal didn’t mean they would always be successful. That’s because Jesus required the twelve to possess one thing more, which only they themselves could supply.

What was that one thing you ask? Faith!

In spite of having God’s power and authority to heal the sick, the disciples were powerless without their personal belief and faith that God would do as they asked of Him.

Mark 6:13 tells us when the disciples went out, they drove out many demons and healed the sick (Mark 6:13). Praise God! Imagine their joy and and the great enthusiasm which must have followed. They must have had many great stories to tell as a result.

But wait:

On at least on one occasion, things didn’t go so well. Not everyone was healed. The disciples had tried unsuccessfully to drive a lunatic demon from a boy
(Matthew 17:16).

When the boy’s father related this information to Jesus, he replied, “O faithless and perverse generation…How long shall I put up with you?” (Matthew 17:17) Obviously, Jesus statement was not intended to be directed directly toward the disciples, although it most certainly included them.

When the disciples later came to Jesus in private to ask Him why they couldn’t heal the boy, He answered them by saying, “because you have so little faith”
(Matthew 17:19-20).

That’s the mystery, the great mystery called faith, which the world fears yet today and has created division and strife within the Church.

Faith is the keystone that empowers God’s authority and power to heal the sick. How much faith? Jesus said with just a little faith nothing will be impossible for you (Matthew 17:20-21).

Many years later, the Apostle James would admonish Church elders to pray over their sick in faith, and to anoint the sick with oil for healing (James 5:14-16). James had obviously learned the lesson of faith well from his own failure while in training with Jesus years before. For he was with Jesus the day the father of the lunatic boy approached Jesus.

Faith in God’s promise to heal is what separates men of faith in God, from carnal men who cower in fear or disbelief. This kind of faith is not intellectual or born of doctrine. It is a soul searching conviction (born of God’s Word) which touches the very heart of God.

Church elders today, who dismiss James 5:14ff, of course do not practice James’ admonition. To make themselves feel comfortable about their dismissal (and to be accepted by the world) they have Church doctrines which effectively puts God out of the healing business, and healing out of the Body of Christ (The Church).

The real question we should be asking ourselves is not whether God heals. The real question should be are we willing to believe and put our faith in God’s promise to exercise His power and authority on our behalf?

That’s a big question because faith to heal places God squarely into our midst, not far off in some unseen world. It puts Him right into our lives and world, much like our mother, father and children are part of our lives.

I have to tell you, many Christians are not comfortable with that thought. They fear God. They are more comfortable with a God that is somewhere over there, not here.

You see, faith for many Christians consists of believing in Jesus Christ as their Savior. That’s good, but think about it. Faith to save one’s soul is a far cry from faith that falls upon Jesus Christ for healing.

The former is benign and requires little beyond intellectual acceptance, kinda like acceptance that the earth spins one revolution every 24 hours on its axis. People accept the earth spins and go on with their lives. No biggy. We regulate our lives by this spinning, and that’s about it. Likewise, many people willingly conform their lives as Christians to live a moral existence with a hope for the resurrection. They count themselves faithful if they attend Church regularly. That’s the extent of faith for most Christians. Unless they are forced to renounce their faith or be killed, there is little to challenge their faith.

The latter, however, goes much farther. It actively calls upon God’s power and authority with unwavering certainty to restore the human body to wholeness free of disease. That’s not something the world likes or accepts.

The implications of this kind of faith goes far beyond intellectual faith and being faithful to attend Church. This kind of faith stands squarely against the world and medical tests that says a person has cancer and has two months to live. It defies Church doctrine which does not believe in divine healing. It falls with conviction and certainty upon an unseen all powerful God that He will fulfill His Word to us. That, friends, is the kind of faith Jesus had in mind when he lamented, “O faithless and perverse generation.”

One of America’s Presidents, Teddy Roosevelt, had a saying concerning America’s role in the world. He said America should walk softly and carry a big stick. Of course, that big stick was America’s military might.

As Christians, we are to walk softly and also carry a big stick, the big stick of faith that believes God’s Word. That many Christians have entrusted the world to the care of their bodies at the expense of forsaking God’s power and authority to heal speaks volumes about the size of the stick they carry.

Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word

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“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing
some people have entertained angels without knowing it.”
Hebrews 13:2
Maybe you’re a skeptic. That’s okay, but just listen to these two fascinating stories and decide for yourself.

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent
to serve those who will inherit salvation?”
Hebrews 1:14
Feel free to comment.
Many blessings,
Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word Ministry

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Rejoice! Rejoice!

At a time in our culture when Christianity and the celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth are being attacked by secularism, I want to lift your spirit in song.

Turn your speakers up and click on the green button below. Listen to this inspirational rendition of “O Come Immanuel.” Rejoice in your faith that God is with us.

Recorded by Melissa Champlion and her husband, Joe, “O Come Immanuel” typifies this couple’s inspirational music created to spread the Good News. To learn more about their music and ministry, visit SoulKeeperMusic.com.

Here’s another gift to lift your spirit.

I want to give you a sample of the devotional series that will be released next Summer. Listen to a work in progress by clicking on Daily Healing Devotional. Each daily devotion is followed with a short prayer and editorial comment. Run time is 5 minutes.

May your family’s Christmas Day and every day be filled with the blessing of Immanuel.

In His Peace,

Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word Ministry

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Not knowing the biblical answer to that question is why many churches do not sanction divine healing in their mission.

The 20 minute audio message below reveals the biblical nature of human flesh, including that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It answers why Divine healing is for the ages, not something relegated to a few lines in the Bible.
Your comments and qeustions are welcome.
In Peace,
Jim Lynn
God’s Healing Word Ministry

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New Video and Comments

If you have not watched the new video, you can do so now by clicking on By Whose Authority

Video Comments From Viewers:

“I am astounded! And this is here in the nation that was founded on Christian principles! We are the mission field these days, aren’t we?”

“It was very interesting, shocking, disappointing and left me licking my chops for more.”

“I watched the video… very nice!! I like the format and message. I have added a link to this video from my Prayer Room.”

If you would like to comment on the video, click on the “Comments” link below.

Also feel free to add the video link to your website.

Jim Lynn

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Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?

Here is a message posted recently on our blog that requests an answer.
“As a child about 7 years old I was in a car accident, and a year later attacked by a dog. I have had back problems ever since. I watched God heal my nephew from a 90 degree club foot miraculously as an infant – he know walks perfectly – and have experienced God heal me in different areas. So why do I continue to have these back problems? I know God can, but hasn’t.”
Here is a situation that often requires the attention of a loving healing ministry team.
Without knowing specifics it would be difficult to help this person. I’ll explain why in a moment, but here is a case where trained healing ministries can help. They can work one-on-one with individuals to root out spiritual issues not recognized by the one in need of healing.
First, God wants to heal everyone of physical maladies. Having said that, we are created with free will. Unless we can root out the spiritual roots behind a malady and release them, God cannot heal us. A trained healing team knows this and works in a loving way to uncover these hidden unclean spirits.
So what are we talking about here?
Again I do not know this to be the case for the writer above, but humans have the ability to bury emotional hurts so deep within their being, they forget about them. These emotions often end up in an area of our being called the subconscious. These emotions include feelings of doubt, anger, unforgiveness, greed, pride, an so forth.
These buried emotions are often the most difficult issues to release ’cause the affected person is no longer consciously aware of them. But know this: Such issues continue to do their evil work within our bodies and control our lives.
The Bible tells us to “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Cor 10:5). And we are told, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)
So how do we take captive every thought and transform ourselves by renewing our minds?
If you’ve never done this before, this may seem difficult at first. The next thought you have that you recognize is not of faith, step back and look at it from a third person perspective. Ask yourself:
why am I thinking this thought?
Is this thought a thought of faith or of the world?
If the thought is not of faith, ask yourself what in your life may have produced the thought. If you can isolate the occurrence in your life where this thought began, ask God for help, then release that thought. Tell the thought to be gone in the name of Jesus, that it is no longer welcome in your heart.
Taking every thought captive means what it says: Every thought! The more you do this the easier it becomes. And you would be amazed at how much relief you feel when you take control of your thoughts in this manner.
By releasing these hidden thoughts from our subconscious being, by repenting for having carried them, we are able to transform ourselves so God can heal us. Transforming is to be in control of every thought. This may seem like an easy answer to a complicated problem, but it works. I know from personal experience and from studying God’s Word.
The thing we need to bear in mind is that God cannot be mocked. If we harbour unclean spirits hidden deep within (or wherever they are), God cannot heal us.
That many Christians continue to suffer in body is sure sign of Satan’s presence in their lives. But also know that suffering may or may not be of their making. The world may given it to us through an accident, a mean act of another, etc.
I strongly suggest the person who submitted this question that they seek out a competent healing ministry. Ask for help to uncover any possible deep seated issues that may be holding you captive.
Jim Lynn

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There once was a man who wanted to teach himself how to sky dive? He bought a parachute at a garage sale, leased a plane and when the time came, literally jumped into his new adventure. As the man was free-falling toward earth on his very first attempt, he pulled the ripcord only to discover it was not attached to the parachute. Looking down at his fate, he was surprised to see a woman shooting up from below with a burned-out match held between her thumb and fore-finger.

As they rushed by one another, the man yelled, “Whadayaknow about parachutes?”

The woman replied back, “Nothing. Whadayaknow about gas stoves?”

The fable above illustrates how many Christians act when faced with life-threatening illness. They ignorantly turn to man for relief rather then to God.

That we seek counsel from man and not God in such times speaks volumes of how ignorant we are as God’s children. We lack teaching to recognize chronic illness for what it often is, a spiritual attack against our body.

Medical science acknowledges that 80% of all diseases, both psychological and biological, are psychosomatically induced. In other words, the source of most disease begins within our minds or spirits as thought—a perfect place for Satan to do his bidding.

But, what the world calls psychosomatic, God knows as an unloving spirit from the kingdom of darkness. Behind every psychosomatic disease lies an unloving spirit, planting thoughts of fear, despair, rejection, anxiety, worry, and whatever else Satan can get us to accept as true.

Yes, evil can and does exist simultaneously within our spirit, right along with the Spirit of God, if we allow it. The deception begins as the unloving spirit whispers a thought promoting unrest, “I do not like myself.” If we listen to its voice, if we accept the lie, our soul becomes polluted with the same mind-set (I do not like myself).

Our body, operating through the limbic system, then begins to conform itself into that spiritual image, re-enforcing it both biologically and psychologically.

Examples of psychosomatically-induced disease can include high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, infertility, irritable bowel syndrome, angina, fibromyalgia, Graves disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, Crohn’s disease, obesity, multiple sclerosis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and many, many more.

God created us perfectly, but sin changes us. Every thought we have, be it good or bad, produces a chemical and neurological response within.

So long as our thoughts have their origin in a loving spirit, the response in our body helps to maintain homeostasis (balance). When the origin of our beliefs originates from an unloving spirit, the response creates imbalance in our body, and we become sickly if we accept and live the lie. All of us have our spiritual strengths and weaknesses. It is part of our humanity. Temptation is a part of our daily lives as the forces of good and evil do battle for our soul. Satan knows our weaknesses and wastes little time in attacking us at those points.

If your weakness lies in feelings of low self-esteem, Satan knows how to capitalize on it to cause you suffering. If you have difficulty in forgiving others, Satan knows how to use that defect to make your body rack with pain. If you struggle with worry and fear, Satan knows how to use these emotions to create tumors in your stomach and colon. He is a master at doing this.

Drug manufacturers promote drugs by saying they offer temporary relief of disease symptoms, but they do not and cannot deal with the spiritual roots of the disease. Satan knows this. His plan is called “disease management,” not “healing.”

Satan knows that by keeping you in agony, your faith in God could waiver or break. But even if you do not wavier in faith, Satan’s greatest weapon against God is taking you to an early grave.

This is what makes Christianity so excitng, so very much a living faith, because it is God who heals spiritually rooted disease through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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On the heels of today’s terrorist attack in London, President Bush stated the terrorists have “evil in their hearts.” This is not the first time the President used such a term. On previous occasions President Bush has refered to terrorists as “evil doers.”

The use of the word evil in his statements raises questions. What does President Bush mean when he says that terrorists have evil in their hearts? More to the point, what is the world’s understanding of evil?

Just as the world does not accept the active presence of God operating in our physical world, neither can it accept the active presence of Satan operating in our world. If someone is described as being evil, the world understands that peson as having a destructive state of mind, not someone under the influence of an unseen, spiritual force.

The word “spiritual” means unseen, or of another realm. The world only understands and accepts what it sees. If in the case of evil, it can understand suicide bombimg, not its unseen cause. If in the case of sickness, the world can understand its symptoms, not its unseen cause.

Satan has long used religion to advance his cause, the destruction of man. This is why America battles a fanatical Muslim fringe sect in a so-called jehad (holy war). This is also why many Christian churches dismiss healing that involves faith. Satan has whispered in the ear of well-intentioned believers that God has ended spiritual healing.

Evil is real, just as all that is holy is real. Our struggle is not against one another, but against the unseen, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. That we hem and haw over whether God heals shows the influence that Satan holds in the Body of Christ (His Church).

Imagine the power, the witness, the impact churches could have on their communities, if churches actively involved themselves in spiritually healing the sick. Whole communities would come to know God and His Son, the Great Physician.

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If you were Satan and your goal is to destroy as many lives as you could, what are the two institutions you could attack that would destroy more lives than wars and natural disasters combined?

Phase One: Medicine


If I were Satan, I would capture the medical industry and make it mine. For what other of man’s institutions could potentially inflict more harm?

I would infiltrate medical colleges and teach students to treat disease symptoms, rather then teach them how to heal the sick.

I would teach medical students that chronic disease is the result of natural manifestation, and disclaim any correlation between disease and one’s spiritual state of being.

I would create chemical drugs with lethal side effects, and tell medical students they must use only my drugs to treat their patients disease symptoms. I would tell students that natural substances can be harmful to the body and should not be used or trusted for treatment of the sick.

I would find greedy men who could care less about the well-being of people, and set up a drug enterprise designed to keep sick people sick. I would advertise my drugs on TV so people will ask their doctors to prescribe them.

I would take natural body conditions like pregnancy, acid reflux, hormonal imbalance, sinus infections, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes and make them a disease. That way, I could find more uses for my drugs.

I would be clever when using medical terms, so people will begin to believe their body cannot be trusted. I would use terms like, heart attack, spastic colon, and kidney failure.

Next I would mislead patients into believing they have a disease discovered through diagnosis; when in truth all they received is a specific diagnosis with a name. This will make it sound like the doctor has found a disease, and people can be “diagnosed” just in time to take a new drug of mine for the rest of their life.

Next I would use man’s government to protect my medical interests and drug industry. I would set up a Food and Drug Administration, and use it to deny citizens any form of real healing. I would use this FDA to my advantage by making it unlawful for anyone to make health claims without scientific proof. Of course, I would also control the researchers, and medical doctors who publish results of research, so results are kept in my favor.

I would refuse my agents to investigate any claims that suggest a correlation between vaccines and disease and death rates.

Phase Two: Church


If I were Satan, I would fill pulpits in churches with pastors who teach that God no longer heals the sick like people read about in the Bible. I would have these pastors teach that healing must be instantaneous to be called a miracle.

I would disguise the original meanings of the words “heal,” and “save” recorded in the Bible, so their full, true meaning and application is not understood.

I would put fear of persecution and public ridicule in the hearts of church leaders were they to teach that God actively intervenes in this physical world.

In this way I can deny God’s glory of healing by those who bear the mark of His Spirit and wear the name of His Son.

Over time, there will be very little knowledgeable and effective spiritual resistance to my induced sicknesses and disease. People will come to put more faith in medical knowledge than in the God of knowledge.

In this way, I can kill many millions of people because most people are raised up to respect the word and advise of medical doctors and preachers.

If I were Satan and wanted to destroy as many lives as I could, this is what I would do and how I would do it.

Jim Lynn is the author of The Miracle of Healing Your Church Today.

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